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Conversational AI Use Case for the Fashion Industry Leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform

Date Wed, Jul 1, 2020   |   Category Category: SAP Cloud Platform

As machines have become more sophisticated at understanding and responding in natural language, we’ve seen a massive growth in conversational application. These dedicated apps are enabled with natural language processing that helps them understand casual speech input by text or voice.

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Leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to build an Intelligent Fashion Enterprise

Date Tue, Jun 2, 2020   |   Category Category: SAP Cloud Platform

As we move from the digital era to the intelligent era, enterprises need to turn to the tools of the future. But for companies with very specific business problems, customizing their existing ERP system is not a viable solution as custom applications and integrations within the core ERP system often result in:

  • Difficulty performing updates and upgrades
  • Higher costs to maintain
  • Slow and challenging innovation

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