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Webinar Recap: What You Always Wanted to Know About SAP Fashion Management

Tue, Oct 20, 2015


We recently hosted the webinar ‘What You Always Wanted to Know about SAP Fashion Management’. In addition to our very own expertise, we had Craig T. Schertler, VP of Global Partner Operations from SAP,  join in as our guest speaker for the webinar.

The session revolved around answering frequently asked questions on the Fashion Management Solution from world renowned fashion brands and retailers, including questions such as:
  • FMS is vertically integrated, but is there an impact on the core retail/merchandising processes?

  • How strong is the actual wholesale functionality on FMS currently?

  • How does FMS help in achieving omnichannel goals?

There were also a couple of questions that cropped up on our LinkedIn group that was addressed during this session. As the co-innovation partner of SAP on the Fashion Management Solution, we continue to be involved in developing the solution as well as on client projects and work towards helping them achieve their omnichannel goals.

If you were unable to attend the webinar, or if you did, but would like a refresher, you can check out the recorded version here


View some of the questions we tackled here: