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Creating the personalised service fashion customers crave

Thu, Jun 16, 2016

personalized omnichannel shopping

Written by Richard Emmott, Head of Retail, UK- attune

When was the last time you did some serious shopping IRL (in real life)? If the answer is not recently, you’re not alone. Currently 75% of men and 63% of women are more likely to browse a web-room than a showroom. This shift in consumption behaviour will continue as digital matures and contentedness makes shopping online ever more convenient. Forrester Research projects that the shift to online will impact more than half of all sales in the next five years.

Although today few fashion and lifestyle companies are prepared to give consumers the type of future-proof digital experience that will ultimately revolutionize online shopping, this situation is starting to change and quickly.  Forward-thinking companies have already started implementing processes and technologies to deliver a fully personalised experience over all sales channels - a strategy we call omni-commerce.

Consuming at the Speed of Desire

These companies are investing in omni-commerce because it enables the kind of experience that most consumers want when they shop online. Just think of what you would want when browsing your favourite retailer. Omni-commerce is about delivering consumption at the speed of desire. It is about knowing individual customers and anticipating their needs.

It spans the entire customer-engagement process from browsing to buying, ordering, and delivery (or click and collect) to returning anywhere. It is seamless, simple, fast, and informed by data derived from each customer’s unique needs and requirements.

Building Infrastructure for an Omni-Commerce Strategy

Omni-commerce is about connecting wholesale and retail processes to understand consumption patterns. Integrating channels improves sales and operational efficiency, but it also makes it easy and convenient for customers to do business with your company.

Omni-commerce creates an aware environment that helps to ensure your products are always in stock and available for purchase either online or IRL. Such a simple thing – keeping products in stock – is a significant problem if you want to maintain consumer loyalty since 82% of customers will switch brands when a product is out-of-stock.

Understanding the Omni-Commerce Landscape

This new retail environment poses many challenges. To help you understand your options, attune – with the help of SAP – has prepared a graphical, easy-to-read guide on Delivering Omni-Commerce at the Speed of Desire. It explains how technology is changing consumer behaviour and reshaping how fashion and lifestyle companies do business.

The guide also includes details on how you can use our omni-commerce-enabling solution, which is built on a SAP Digital Core, to enhance your business, and create new services and opportunities.

Click here to download your copy and begin building your own plan for delighting customers, driving revenues, and optimizing operations. But don’t wait too long, fashion and lifestyle customers are not known to be patient.

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVpAAAAJGM2YzYwZDhjLWQyNTgtNDlmZC1hYTQ2LTUwODFlZGUxYmIwYg.jpgRichard Emmott  is the Head of Retail, UK at attune. 

He is focused on delivery and alignment of strategy, business transformation, and operational excellence for global brands.