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An End-to-End Omnichannel Retail Experience at the SAP Retail event - “The Future of Shopping”

Tue, Sep 30, 2014

end-to-end omnichannel retail

Over the past two years, we have witnessed an explosion of the physical and digital experiences merging together. We’ve gone from Webrooming to Showrooming - clear evidence that it is no longer Online VS In-store. Instead it's about satisfying the omnichannel customer; having a seamless shopping experience through any channel. While there has been much discussion on how this might work in a real-life retail operation, Fashion Retailers struggle to see the light the end of the tunnel. So we wanted to showcase a seamless experience of customer's shopping journey through both digital and physical worlds - leveraging mobile clienteling.

The Experience SAP Retail event was an ideal opportunity to showcase how this will play-out. The event opened up our minds to a whole new level of thinking. With retail professionals from all over UK, we were able to provide and witness an interactive, physical, digital and emotional journey of discovery.

Our live demonstration showcased an order online – starting from the Hybris e-commerce platform, through to the store with a retail mobile clienteling and integrated POS system and finally to the SAP Fashion Management platform.

Rachel’s Online Journey

Our digital savvy customer was Rachel – looking to buy a black evening dress along with an orange casual dress. The online store was developed using Hybris. Rachel adds the dresses to her online shopping cart, but realizes that the orange dress is a tad too expensive for her. So, she deletes it off her shopping cart and buys the black dress instead. Rachel makes the payment online and leaves the cart.

Hybris Fashion ecommerce website

Rachel’s In-store Experience

Rachel decides to go collect her black dress from the pick-up store she opted for. As she nears our store, an iBeacon is triggered. Rachel gets a pop up notification on her iPhone app with a 20% discount on the orange dress she wanted to purchase online initially. When Rachel enters the store, a retail Clienteling app is activated on the store associate’s iPad. Rachel shows Kate, the store associate, the discount notification on her phone.

Clienteling - the Consumer Intimacy Machine

Kate is able to view Rachel's profile, suggested items, past spend history and transactions along with social trending and reports generated using the above mentioned information – all through the slick iPad Clienteling App.

Kate finds it easy to suggest a couple of other items that Rachel might possibly like, with the help of customer information at her fingertips - a bag in this instance. This is all enabled by leveraging SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR). SAP CAR helps to aggregate customer related information from all channels – web, store, ERP, information center. Items are scanned with an integrated POS software and checkout is completed.

Tying it all up – SAP Fashion Management

After Kate’s transaction takes place, Richard (Sales Manager) looks up the analysis and social trending statistics on the attune KPI dashboard available on his iPad. Richard is able to check customer in-store conversion, existing trends via customer visits and their social media presence. He then places the order for the orange dress through the replenishment order software on his iPad. A screenshot of the order is defined on the SAP Fashion Management platform and the necessary re-order for the dress is made.

Our demonstration of an end-to-end retail process at the event rests our case. Meeting the omnichannel requirement brings a new, better strategy to the future of fashion retail. Brands looking to enhance their bottom line will thrive by embracing the concept of delivering an end-to-end consumer experience. Retailers that begin this journey will become market leaders; retailers that don't will get left behind.