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Leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform to build an Intelligent Fashion Enterprise

Tue, Jun 2, 2020


As we move from the digital era to the intelligent era, enterprises need to turn to the tools of the future. But for companies with very specific business problems, customizing their existing ERP system is not a viable solution as custom applications and integrations within the core ERP system often result in:

  • Difficulty performing updates and upgrades
  • Higher costs to maintain
  • Slow and challenging innovation

Once a new implementation project or business model innovation disrupts your operations, the risk of falling behind – without a chance of catching up – becomes a reality. So how can fashion companies innovate while protecting existing investments? 

Today, fashion companies are turning to the SAP Business Technology Platform to meet the evolving needs of employees, customers, and business partners quickly. We recently showcased how a fashion customer built a forecasting solution leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform to unify forecasting processes across brands, regions, and distributors. This helped the company keep their core infrastructure intact, while simultaneously extending the capabilities of their systems by integrating the solution to their existing ERP. To learn more on how we helped one of our clients, click here to access the video.

Why Choose the SAP Business Technology Platform to Build Purpose-built Software?

Extend Your Core Platform: Extend the core with mission critical functionality, deployed on the cloud. By identifying process gaps in your existing IT landscape, fashion companies can digitize and enrich their core business processes, improve the user experience, and enhance collaboration across the entire IT ecosystem. For companies on SAP, SAP Business Technology Platform paves the way to augment existing SAP investments by integrating with other SAP Products e.g. SAP Ariba, C/4HANA, Success Factors etc. 

Prepare for a digital future: Every business will be a digital business. Early adopters are already investing in digital tools to connect collaboration networks, integrate data sources, and harmonize end-to-end processes across applications. Cloud underpins the capabilities needed to complete the digital transformation as brands can take advantage of new technologies - the Internet of Things, Big Data and machine learning.

Leverage Scalable Architecture: Custom software can grow as your business grows and changes. With pre-packaged services and the ability to leverage 3rd party APIs, fashion companies are able to make business processes more intelligent, interact with business systems using conversational UIs and a user-centric experience and excel in hybrid IT landscapes by integrating and combining on-premise business systems.

Build for Efficiency: Custom software is purpose-built to support processes swiftly and productively, without the need to tinker with or adjust off-the-shelf applications. Combined with SAP’s open, agile business application development, fashion companies can achieve faster time to market.

Reduce Complexity: One of the chief considerations when considering new software is: will it work with existing applications? Companies face a further investment in getting commercial software to communicate and operate with their existing infrastructure. With SAP Business Technology Platform, custom software is built to integrate with your IT environment by leveraging your existing infrastructure providers e.g. Amazon AWS.

Future-proof your application investments: Gain flexibility and protect your investments with a strong architecture that leverages open standards. By supporting a ‘Keep the Core Clean’ concept, SAP Business Technology Platform ensures your custom developments stay stable post version upgrades.  

Discover Better Ways to Innovate with SAP Business Technology Platform

In many ways, the current state of the industry is a wake-up call about risks associated with lack of digitization and innovative culture. Businesses are now adapting to the new market, whether it's small companies developing new revenue streams to stay afloat, or larger ones reorienting operations to provide critical support. One thing is clear: businesses are pivoting quickly.

With SAP Business Technology Platform, innovation becomes easier. Take quality control as an example. You can quickly build a fashion quality management application that runs on iOS and Android devices to allow your quality inspectors to get the information they need when they need it and report any updates in real time. Quality control managers can access the application to assign tickets, and review quality defect reports to take timely action. This is just one of a limitless range of scenarios that you can innovate and roll out with SAP Business Technology Platform.

For more on how SAP Business Technology Platform works in the real world, our experts take a deep dive into how companies can leverage the platform to:

  • Extend their existing core business
  • Build and deploy smart applications on the cloud
  • Use the new SAP user interface to add functionality previously unavailable
  • Bridge any process gaps in your existing environment with intelligent technologies
  • Keep your core clean; reduce the challenge of managing custom code during SAP updates and upgrades
  • Reduce complex integrations and heavily customized enterprise applications
  • Fast-track innovation without disrupting the core business system

To access the webinar, click below.

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