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attune Fashion Forum - Conversations on what's next for Fashion Companies

Thu, Jun 25, 2015


This fall, in partnership with Retail TouchPoints, we’ll be kicking off a series of events designed to elevate the conversation around how fashion companies can transform their technology and process landscape to meet the demands of the digital age. 

There’s a new breed of fashion customers out there – sophisticated, connected, and fickle. When they’re ready to engage with your brand, you need to be there – whenever, wherever and however they want to engage – or else you risk losing them.

That means offering each customer a consistent, customized and carefully curated experience – whether it’s online, in the store, on a mobile app or on social media. Creating that level of engagement is critical. But it can also be tremendously challenging.

This is a hot topic. In fact, it may be the hottest topic in retail right now. Every day, we hear it from clients and prospects and read about it in the trade publications. And it’s clear that many fashion retailers aren’t there yet.  

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working exclusively with some of the best known fashion and lifestyle brands including – Crocs, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Life is good and many more – which gives us a unique perspective on the market as a whole, but also insight into what fashion companies need to do to stay ahead of the digital demands facing them.

That’s why, this fall, in partnership with Retail TouchPoints, we’ll be kicking off a series of events designed to elevate this conversation. The first attune Fashion Forum will be held over dinner in New York City and will bring together executives such as Fashion CIOs and Business Executives from top brands to exchange best practices, discuss challenges and examine what’s working and what’s not.


We will tackle pressing questions such as: 

  • How can retailers leverage technology – from social media sentiment to big data – to maximize assortment planning and inventory allocation decisions?
  • What are some common pitfalls – where do retailers typically go wrong – and how can they be avoided?
  • What will it take to get complete organizational alignment – across systems, staff and stores – to ensure that there is true integration across the entire enterprise?

This is the first of a series of intimate gatherings. If you're interested in finding out more about the Forum, please reach out to Harin Nanayakkara on LinkedIn.