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What do fashion customers want?

Fri, Jun 24, 2016

converging retail and ecommerce for omnichannel fulfillment

Written by Richard Emmott, Head of Retail, UK- attune

Another way to ask this question might be: “What do any of us want?” After all, unless you are emulating the High Sparrow (Game of Thrones, anyone?), we are all fashion and lifestyle customers. As customers in 2016, we are making many (maybe even most) purchases in a digital environment.

So, what do we want when shopping online? Here is what I am looking for. See if you agree:

My ideal online experience is seamless, efficient,
and intelligent from product search to purchase to
fulfillment and, when necessary, through return.

I want online shopping to be fast, simple, and satisfying. Most likely, so do you. That ideal experience is not something companies can deliver with only a website, shopping cart, and isolated data silos.

Why You Have to Deliver at the Speed of Desire

Sales success in this marketplace will require delivering personalised online experiences at the speed of desire. To make this happen, fashion companies will need to consolidate data and connect processes using omni-commerce.

And companies need to make this transition quickly. As noted in my last post, Forrester Research projects online will account for more than half of all sales within five years. For many companies, online will go from being another revenue stream to being the primary revenue stream. 

Using Omni-Commerce to Drive Sales

Omni-commerce is key to creating an aware environment and making online shopping seamless, efficient, and intelligent. This strategy uses a digital core to help you personalise each customer’s online experience. It also ensures that what customers see online or on in-store kiosk displays closely matches what is actually available for purchase.

With complete visibility into your business, you can generate insights into customer needs and understand what motivates buying behaviour. By analysing sales and purchases against many variables and testing long-held assumptions, you are able to better understand how to drive consumption. 

Supporting Customers Online and Offline

Omni-commerce enables your company to create a seamless, ideal experience for your online customers. Because you can manage cross-channel returns, for example, your customers are able to purchase online while having the option to return items to nearby physical stores.

Our research finds that 41 percent of customers highly value retailers that offer conveniences such as flexible, hassle-free return.

Tailoring a Digital Core to Your Business

Delivering convenience requires omni-commerce and a digital core designed for fashion running on on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure. To help you understand your options, attune has prepared a graphical, easy-to-read guide.

Delivering Omni-Commerce at the Speed of Desire explains how technology is reshaping the fashion and lifestyle industries. It also includes details on how you can use our omni-commerce-enabling solution, which is built on an SAP Digital Core, to enhance your business and create new services and opportunities. 

Click this link to download your copy and begin building your own plan for delivering the fast, simple, and satisfying experiences customers want.


SAP Fashion Management 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVpAAAAJGM2YzYwZDhjLWQyNTgtNDlmZC1hYTQ2LTUwODFlZGUxYmIwYg.jpgRichard Emmott  is the Head of Retail, UK at attune. 

He is focused on delivery and alignment of strategy, business transformation, and operational excellence for global brands.