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What’s stopping fashion companies to fully adopt digitization?

Thu, May 27, 2021

The pressures facing the fashion industry point to digital transformation being necessary, rather than optional. Certainly, there is a good reason for the pandemic being called “fashion’s biggest reset”. It serves as an undeniable affirmation that e-commerce is not just a privilege brands can choose whether to partake in. It is an indisputable business model that retailers and luxury labels should adopt not only to survive but to emerge better positioned for the future.

So what’s stopping fashion companies to fully adopt digitization? Watch the clip below as Dr. Christoph Schröder (Global Vice President, Industry Business Unit Retail – SAP SE) talks about why fashion companies are hesitant and how they can overcome challenges to digital transformation with SAP's fashion solutions. Watch the full interview here.

Success Story: Global Sportswear Brand shifts to the new digital reality

Since the pandemic, digitization is accelerating at a faster rate than expected as the fashion industry shifts to a new reality. For our customer, it became imperative to leverage technology and tools to build a new future for the company—one where the digital and physical are closely connected and work together.

The company chose SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business as the digital platform to transform business, support long-term growth, and enable continuous innovation. The company is already benefiting from a high degree of transparency, which helps eliminate errors, cut costs and gain unprecedented insights into merchandise, customer preferences, and profitability. Continue reading about their digitization story here.

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