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Enhance Your ERP System With Web-Based And Mobile App Platforms

Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Core ERP systems have become more important than ever, serving as the backbone upon which many enterprises such as Crocs, Burberry and Levi's are run. Over the years, while businesses have gone through dramatic transformation in face of the fluctuating market conditions, these systems have remained stable yet stagnant; bringing about the need for manual processes and curtailing business agility.

Importance of  Enterprise Resource Planning Enhancements: Mobile and Web ERP

With the ever-changing customer expectations and demands, the business and operational teams have had to adopt several offline, manual processes to meet the need for information visibility at much granular level. These offline processes have created several unexpected obstacles. So can upgrading ERP systems to intuitive mobile and web applications help? On the following article, we explore how utilizing new technologies can help enterprises to quickly bridge business and process gaps while driving agility and innovation.