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Consumer Insights: Tips for Retailers to Compete and Grow

Tue, Jul 15, 2014

How can retailers improve in-store services?


Retail is polarizing into winners and losers - while one retailer piles on the sales and announces plans for both home and global expansion, another goes bust in a sea of debt and lost opportunities. How is technology helping the winners in UK fashion and lifestyle retailing to stay in the lead by better understanding their customers’ needs? And with IT spending under pressure, where should retailers be committing funds to maximum effect?

The Changing Fashion Retail Landscape

Clearly, it is vital that retailers have solutions in place to better handle, understand and predict the increasingly complex and changing nature of customer behaviour, so as to make the best real-time decisions about products, services and to communicate with their customers. In an in-depth research report, we asked 1,000 regular fashion buyers to tell us how retailers can better understand their needs. The report investigates, where retailers should be committing funds to satisfy these demanding consumers.